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Scales and Materials


1/18: approximately 9-11 inches long

1/43: approximately 4-5 inches long

We try to list an actual size for every model we sell.


Diecast: These models major pieces are in metal, but plastic parts are often used for smaller trim pieces, interior pieces and some under carriages.  Diecast models often have many openings (doors, hood, trunk) which actually function and show off more detail.  In smaller scales (1/43), many of the finer points can appear off (door gaps) or somewhat muted (angles, fins, etc.).

Resin: A hard resin which can create highly detailed models especially in smaller (1/43) sizes.  Areas like door gaps will appear much finer and truer to scale.  Sharp angles will be sharper and more correct.  The downside to resin is the models do not have openings.

Composite Diecast: An up-and-coming process which combines diecast metal parts covered by an ABS material which gives the fine, crisp details of resin models and the functionality and openings of diecast models.  Click here to read a detailed description by AUTOart.