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Diecast Requests Blog

Birth of the Diecast Requests Blog

April 2015:

Thomas wrote:

"Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase and your shipping. My only low point would be your limited selection of 1:18 scale cars. That said, Thank you."

Plum's World responsed:

"Thank you for the kind review. And, yes, I wish we carried more selection as well.  The basic truth is the more that sells, the more I can bring in. Keep watching.

Since I am in business to sell what my customers want, perhaps you'd be willing to help..."

Thus, this Diecast Requests Blog was born.  Now, you can have some input into where Plum's World should go next.

What would you like Plum's World to stock in the future?

  • an expansion of lines we already carry: more Auto World or Greenlight; Vitesse by Sun Star?
  • more upscale lines like American Excellence, Automodello or MiniChamps?
  • more inexpensive lines like Maisto or Yatming?
Let's keep this simple. Just list your top 3 wants. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful response.

(Please, no specific model requests.  Use our contact form to ask me about specific items.)


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  • 1:18 European Road Cars. 1950 to Present. $100.00 to $500.00 Range.

    Mark C. on

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