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In Focus: Cadillacs And Elvis Presley

With the release of this Cadillac 1949 Coupe de Ville from Motor City Classics, this would be a good time to explore the Elvis Presley connection with Cadillacs.

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Even though Elvis did buy a number of Cadillacs (and gave away many more) he actually never owned a 1949.  The famed pink Cadillac he gave to his mother was a 1955.  Motor City Classics has decided to honor the Elvis legacy with what would be best described as a "tribute" car (being the appropriate color and approximate time period), but, not a factual car he would have owned.

That being said, this is the only currently available '49 Cadillac in 1:18 scale and would be a worthy addition to any collection even without the Elvis tie-in.

To read more about Elvis and his Cadillacs head over to the Elvis's Cadillacs site.