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Now shipping USPS exclusively

Posted by John Coffin on

Because of recent changes regarding United Parcel Service and dimensional weights*, Plum's World has switched all our standard shipping to the United States Post Office (USPS). Our new shipping rates reflect actual USPS rates in regards to package weight and distance the package will travel. Good news if you're located in the northeast US (lower rates).

If you wish to use UPS for shipping to your location, please contact us for a rate quote.

*Dimensional weights, as defined by UPS, means that each package size has a minimum weight assigned to it. Our standard one item package (16 inch by 8 inch by 9 inch) usually weighs in at 4 or 5 pounds, but UPS now charges that size package at a minimum 7 pounds. Our standard 2 item box (16 inch by 16 inch by 9 inch) usually weighs 8 pounds; UPS charges that box at 14 pounds minimum.